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Planned Parenthood

Health Systems, Inc.


Planned Parenthood Health Systems, Inc. (PPHS) is a regional provider of reproductive health care services and sexuality education, with more than a dozen centers in North and South Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia.  We advocate for public policies predicated on preventive health care and education in all four states and at the federal level.

For media inquiries regarding medical, education or public policy matters, please contact the following staff member:

Melissa Reed, Vice President for Public Affairs
Mobile:  919-924-1520
Raleigh, NC





           06-27-13 - NC - Biased Sex Ed Bill Passes

           04-23-13 - North Carolina’s Abortion Bills Part of a Wave of
                            Threats to Women’s Health Nationwide 

           08-30-10 - POLL: Roanoke Parents Strongly Suport  
                            Sexuality Education in Roanoke City Schools

          06-25-09 - Healthy Youth Act Passes

          06-08-09 - Charleston Health Center Ribbon Cutting

          04-28-09 - Lynchburg Health Center Closing

          04-22-09 - Expanding Access to Emergency Contraception (EC)

          04-06-09 - Get Yourself Tested Campaign -    NC     SC     VA     WV

          03-24-09 - Back Up Your Birth Control Day

          01-12-09 - Charleston Health Center Opens

          12-18-08 - Planned Parenthood Criticizes Last Minute 
HHS Regulation

          11-13-08 - Real Talk Tour Columbia, SC

          08-07-08 - Planned Parenthood Opponents Make 
False Rape Claims in NC




         10-06-10 - Roanoke Times Editorial - 
                           "Cuccinelli Wants to Bypass the Legislature"

         06-06-10 - Roanoke Times Editorial -  
                           "45 Years Later, Right to Privacy Remains Suspect"

         04-04-10 - Roanoke Times Editorial -  
                           "Different Faiths Interpret Scripture Differently"

         02-15-10 - Roanoke Times Editorial -  
                           "Beware a Government That Overreaches"

         11-18-09 - Roanoke Times Editorial - 
                           "A Flaw That Must Be Fixed"

          10-28-09 - Durham Heald-Sun Op-Ed -
"Reform Must Protect Community Health Care 

          09-06-09 - Roanoke Times Editorial - 
                           "Women Shouldn't Lose Access to Health Care"

          05-14-09 - Roanoke Time Editorial - 
                            "Obama's Pro-life Agenda"






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