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Determination Despite Disappointments

With the 2010 elections behind us, we are working hard to protect reproductive health and rights now more than ever. Make no mistake about it: Planned Parenthood is here for the women, men, and teens who rely on us no matter what.  


There’s no way to sugarcoat it—this election was devastating.  Anti-choice politicians made gains in all four of our states and in Congress.  Congressman John Boehner—who has signed a pledge to repeal the healthcare reform bill we all worked so hard to pass—will likely become Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives. Nevertheless, among the candidates endorsed by Planned Parenthood in our four states, there are victories worth noting:

is a state-by-state snapshot of the results.

West Virginia

  • All but one of our endorsed candidates won.  (Good news!)
  • Republicans gained seats in the House.  Democrats gained seats in the Senate. Control of both houses remains in the hands of the Democrats. 
  • Gov. Manchin won the U.S. Senate race and a new Governor must now be appointed.



  • Three Democratic Congressmen were defeated: Nye, Perriello, and Boucher.  Congressman Rick Boucher has been a long-time 100% pro-choice supporter of reproductive rights. He was endorsed by Planned Parenthood.


South Carolina:

·         Anti-choice Republican Nikki Haley becomes the first female governor of South Carolina.

·         Pro-choice Congressman Clyburn handily won re-election. (Good news!) Congressman Spratt, who often supported our issues, lost. 

·         All of our endorsed incumbents won re-election. (Good news!) All of our endorsed challengers lost.

·         Not much change in the balance of power in the House in SC.


North Carolina:

  • Secretary of State Elaine Marshall was defeated by Richard Burr for US Senate. Marshall was endorsed by Planned Parenthood and is a long-time supporter of reproductive freedom.
  • Incumbent pro-choice Congressmen David Price, Brad Miller, and Melvin Watt won re-election.  (Good news!)
  • Mixed choice incumbent Bob Etheridge is currently trailing Renee Ellmers, and has called for a recount.
  • Both houses of the state legislature are now controlled by anti-choice majorities. 
  • 13 of 17 of our endorsed Senate candidates won.  28 of our 34 endorsed House candidates won.
  • All three of our endorsed candidates for Wake County Board of Commissioners lost, meaning that we are sure to see a rehashing of the employee insurance abortion ban.   


The results of yesterday's election will likely have alarming repercussions for women seeking reproductive health care, including abortion care.

Starting today, we have a tough fight on our hands. The months ahead will not be easy. Anti-choice politicians in every chamber from Congress to our State Legislatures to our County Commissioners will likely seek to restrict the rights of women. The stakes are as high as they've ever been.

Now more than ever, we must work to protect reproductive health and rights. Make no mistake about it: Planned Parenthood is here for the women, men, and teens who rely on us no matter what.

We will never stop caring for women, and we will never stop fighting for women's rights.

No election will change that.

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Determination Despite Dissappointments