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Planned Parenthood to Close Health Center in Lynchburg

Beginning in late June, Planned Parenthood’s Lynchburg patients will begin receiving preventive health care from its Roanoke and Charlottesville locations. PPHS will continue to provide educational programming and public policy activities in the greater Lynchburg area.

“The decision to close our Lynchburg health center is painful and difficult,” says David Nova,Vice President for PPHS. “This cost-cutting measure is one of many that Planned Parenthood is facing due to the weakened economy and its effects on our operating budget.”

Planned Parenthood opened a development office on Langhorne Road in October 1995 in order to galvanize community support. The reproductive health care and education organization began providing preventive health care in Lynchburg in January 1998. “While our education programs and public policy work will continue in Lynchburg, we can no longer afford to operate the health center that has served thousands of women, men and teens during the past 11 years.”

Planned Parenthood volunteers and supporters remain committed to Planned Parenthood despite the planned closure of the health center. Local supporters decided not to cancel Planned Parenthood’s 2ndannual Community Cards Poker Night that is scheduled for Saturday, May 2nd.Planned Parenthood maintained a presence in Lynchburg in the 1960s until federal funding was discontinued. “Private donations from local supporters led Planned Parenthood to return to Lynchburg in the 1990s,” said David Nova. The current Lynchburg health center has received no state or federal public funding while in operation. “As long as community support remains enthusiastic, Planned Parenthood will always consider reopening in Lynchburg.”


Planned Parenthood Health Systems, Inc.


Planned Parenthood Health Systems, Inc. is a private, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that provides a full range of preventive reproductive healthcare services and comprehensive, medically accurate sexuality education. Our public policy efforts ensure that medical care and information are accessible, safe and effective. We operate 12 health centers in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia.


April 28, 2009

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Planned Parenthood to Close Health Center in Lynchburg