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Sexual Health Manuals for Sale

PPHI has three great manuals for sale!

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UNEQUAL PARTNERS, EXPANDED, 3rd Ed.,by Sue Montfort & Peggy Brick

This breakthrough manual helps young people make healthy decisions about relationships, especially those involving the power imbalances that can occur when there are significant age differences. Includes 29 interactive lessons to help young people ages 10-17:
• Identify characteristics of relationships which are honest, equal and responsible
• Rehearse skills for asserting their relationship rights
• Practice responding to a variety of situations regarding unhealthy relationships
• Examine legal issues, including 'age of consent', in their own state
• Know the particular risks and issues regarding adult-teen relationships

OLDER, WISER, SEXUALLY SMARTER by Peggy Brick, Jan Lunquist, Allyson Sandak, & Bill Taverner
"Sex education just blasted through the age barrier with the publication of Older, Wiser, Sexually Smarter! These top notch sexuality educators have written a comprehensive book that is both sophisticated and fun. From dating decisions to long-term lovers, this information is so solid that people under 50 will want to crash these sex ed lessons. This is a book for educators and learners who want healthy sexuality to last a lifetime and who know that ‘sexy grandmother’ is not an oxymoron!"
-Sallie Foley, LMSW, Author, Sex and Love for Grownups & former columnist for AARP - The Magazine

POSITIVE ENCOUNTERS: Talking One-to-One with Teens about Contraceptive and Safer Sex Decisions, by Amy Vogelaar
"Positive encounters" are brief interactions characterized by honest and respectful communication about sexuality. These one-to-one interactions provide opportunities for an advocate to support a young person in making healthy decisions regarding all aspects of their sexual health. This resource is an essential reference for professionals who engage young people in one-to-one settings.


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Sexual Health Manuals for Sale