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Planned Parenthood has always provided honest, accurate information to women and families about pregnancy options. All of our health centers provide neutral, factual information on parenthood, adoption, and abortion with respect to each patient's wishes.


One of the options available for women facing an unintended pregnancy is adoption. Planned Parenthood is pleased to partner with Open Adoption & Family Services (OA&FS) to offer free and confidential services for pregnant women/couples. OA&FS is a pro-choice, pregnancy options counseling and open adoption agency that's committed to promoting reproductive choices. Their counselors are available to talk any time, day or night, simply call 1-800-772-1115. They can also meet with you in person at one of our Planned Parenthood health centers, or at another location that's convenient for you.



Their confidential counseling provides you with a safe place to explore all of your options: parenting, abortion, adoption. OA&FS empowers you with the information you need to make the choice that feels best to you.

If your choice is adoption:

  • You choose the parents from their diverse pool of 65-85 adoptive families. OA&FS shares detailed information about each family.
  • You meet and form a friendship with the family. OA&FS is there to help you feel comfortable and get to know one another.
  • They help you create a legally enforceable contract for ongoing visits. OA&FS adoptive families want a genuine, ongoing relationship with you. You'll get together often, much like an extended family, and will always be a part of your child's life.
  • OA&FS provides you with lifelong relationship guidance and adoption support.

Want to learn more? Contact Open Adoption & Family Services at 1-800-772-1115, or email at

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