Planned Parenthood

Great Northwest


NepalMap2.jpgMotivated by PPGNW International Program champion Suzanne Cluett’s long history in Nepal, PPGNW’s International Program has supported family planning and family health in Nepal since 2006. Suzanne’s Shelter was built at the suggestion of our partners at Himalayan Health & Environmental Services to create a women’s shelter specifically for maternity patients next to the regional hospital of Phaplu, Solo Khumbu in the Everest region of Eastern Nepal.


PPGNW’s extensive role in Nepal included:

  • Medical and Women’s Healthcare Training
  • Capacity Building
  • Facility Development
  • Funding Support

Pregnant women living in this mountainous region often walk several days from remote villages to reach the hospital. At Suzanne’s Shelter, they are provided with free or low-cost room and board prior to and after childbirth or other medical procedures before they start their journeys back home. The Shelter also serves as a vital community center for health education and promotion. For example, one education event led by PPGNW at the Shelter was an OB/GYN Camp to train local healthcare providers in ultrasound technology. Along with the training, approximately 400 local women received basic reproductive healthcare and diagnostic services.


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