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Teen Outreach Program (TOP)


What is TOP?

Wyman’s Teen Outreach Program® (TOP) aims to prevent teen pregnancy and increase academic success by increasing life skills on a number of different topics, including healthy relationships, communication, values clarification, examining influences, goal setting, decision making, adolescent development and sexual health, and community service learning. The TOP program is recommended by the US Department of Health and Human Services based on rigorous evaluation. PPCW is a certified replication partner of Wyman's TOP program.

TOP is a comprehensive youth development strategy that promotes the positive development of adolescents through a combination of curriculum-guided group discussion and community service learning. The program provides teens with the necessary supports and opportunities to prepare for successful adulthood and avoid problem behavior. The TOP clubs meet weekly throughout the school year for approximately one hour sessions. The TOP program is implemented in partnership with schools and community organizations.

TOP Curriculum

The TOP Changing Scenes Curriculum addresses many important teen topics, including:

  •   Healthy relationships
  •   Values
  •   Communication
  •   Examining influences
  •   Goal setting
  •   Decision making
  •   Adolescent development and sexual health
  •   Community service

TOP Is Effective

TOP has demonstrated the following results:

  •   53% reduction in the risk of  teen pregnancy or fathering a child*
  •   52% reduction in the risk of school suspension*
  •   60% reduction in the risk of course failure*

TOP’s comprehensive youth development approach has been tested across multiple settings over a 20 year period and has shown dramatic success in reducing teen pregnancy. TOP has been proven to develop the positive potential of teens, thus leading them to more success and less risk-taking behaviors like teen violence, school failure, and teen pregnancy. TOP takes place in schools and community agencies, engaging youth in weekly sessions over a nine-month period. The curriculum includes age-appropriate sessions on relationships, communication, goal setting, and sexual health -- along with a vital community service component. The curriculum meets Oregon’s health education content standards, and will help to advance Oregon’s Youth Sexual Health Plan.

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*  Allen, J. P. & Philliber, S. (2001) “Who Benefits Most from a Broadly Targeted Prevention Program? Differential Efficacy Across Populations in the Teen Outreach Program.” Journal of Community Psychology, 29 (6), 637-655.

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Teen Outreach Program (TOP)