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Sexy Tuesdays

Drinks. Discussion. Action. Sexy Tuesdays brings together like-minded people to socialize and learn more about Planned Parenthood.

We just celebrated our last Sexy Tuesdays event for 2013! Check back later for future event information.

About Sexy Tuesdays:
Throughout the year, PPCW hosts multiple Sexy Tuesdays events, ranging from social gatherings at a neighborhood bar to larger fundraising events such as an art auction, movie night or concert. Our goal is to build a new generation of supporters and advocates for PPCW, and raise awareness of and financial support for the agency and the services it provides to the community. Together, we will guide the future of Planned Parenthood as donors, board members and volunteers.

To accomplish this mission, we:

  • Educate Sexy Tuesdays participants about PPCW's services and political activities in the local community.
  • Provide opportunities to get involved in volunteer programs and/or fundraising activities
  • Engage supporters politically by informing them of Action Alerts on local and national sexual and reproductive health issues.
  • Enable participants to share their knowledge and support of PPCW with others through the activities, events, and programs that we sponsor and support.
  • Host events to raise funds for PPCW's health center services and education and programs.

Host an Event
Want 100 young men and women enjoying your establishment on a Tuesday night? Host the next Planned Parenthood Sexy Tuesdays event! Boost business and support a great cause all at the same time.Contact us at 503-775-4931503-775-4931 x4 or sexytuesdays@ppcw.orgto learn more.

You choose your level of involvement
At each event, PPCW will have information about volunteer opportunities, political action alerts, and other ways you can support Planned Parenthood. You can also sign up for email updates about Sexy Tuesdays upcoming events and informal get-togethers with other PPCW supporters. Send an email to sexytuesdays@ppcw.orgto subscribe to the list.

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Sexy Tuesdays