Planned Parenthood

Central and Western New York

Training & Resources

Planned Parenthood of Western New York stands at the pinnacle of cutting-edge sexuality-related professional training. Our expert staffhas experience in professional training as well as front-line community education. We deliver top-notch training on a variety of essential topics to help other professionals address these issues in their work.

Resourcesfor Professionals:

Professional Training Series - We host regular training series for youth-serving professionals in three Western New York counties.

Customized Staff Development and Premier Training- We help organizations assess their sexuality-related stafftraining needs and develop and facilitatetraining specially designed to meet those needs.We also haveTOTsavailable for agencies wishing to host advanced sex education training.

Lending Resources and Materials -We have educational materials availableto lend to other professionals andteachers who want to provide sexuality education.

Order Our Materials - Planned Parenthood of Western New York now offers two sex education curricula, Responsible Males and Circle of Friends, which you can purchase and facilitate on your own.

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Training & Resources