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Planned Parenthood Wins Grant to Expand Preventive Health Care in Durham

Family planning non-profit says federal funding will increase community access to timely, affordable care

Durham, NC—Planned Parenthood of Central North Carolina (PPCNC) announced today that it has been awarded a $426,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human services to provide preventive health care to low-income women, men and teenagers in its Durham health center. The grant, which comes from the federal Title X program, allows family planning providers to offer subsidized preventive health care such as annual exams, birth control, cancer screening and STD detection and prevention to low-income women, men and teenagers who would otherwise have no care.
The Planned Parenthood grant, the largest of its kind to be received by the non-profit, also includes a robust education program intended to delay initiation of sexual activity among teens, improve contraceptive use for sexually-active teenagers and prevent unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections among teens and emerging adults.
“Given all the attacks we’ve weathered on women’s access to health care in North Carolina over the last two years, we are thrilled now to be focused on expanding care to our patients, says Janet Colm, CEO/President of Planned Parenthood of Central North Carolina.
Planned Parenthood of Central North Carolina has been a Title X recipient since 2001. Historically, the non-profit applied to the state for funding instead of applying directly to the federal government. Federal law for the Title X program defines eligibility criteria as any public or non-profit entity located within a state including U.S. territories. Funding for Title X across the country varies based on the availability of public and non-profit family planning providers. Three-fourths of Title X patients receive their care through local health departments or a local Planned Parenthood health center
Title X, the only federal grant program devoted to family planning services, was enacted in 1970 to give low-income women, in particular, greater access to affordable contraception During the 2011-2012 North Carolina Legislative Session, the new majority twice overrode budgets vetoed by Governor Perdue that contained special provisions banning Planned Parenthood from receiving state Title X funding. Planned Parenthood of Central North Carolina won a permanent injunction against the first ban in federal court.
“Every decision we make at Planned Parenthood is steeped in providing care to our patients, adds Janet Colm, PPCNC CEO/President. “Our first priority is to make sure we’re here for the women, men and teenagers who rely on us every single day—it always has been and it always will be.”


Planned Parenthood of Central North Carolina (PPCNC) is an affiliate of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, the nation’s leading reproductive health care provider, educator and advocate. PPCNC has health centers in Chapel Hill, Durham and Fayetteville. Thousands of women, men and teenagers rely on PPCNC each year for basic health care, including life-saving cancer screening, birth control, annual exams and the prevention and treatment of sexually transmitted infections. Our doors are open to every person, every family and every community.


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July 25, 2012

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Planned Parenthood Wins Grant to Expand Preventive Health Care in Durham