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Planned Parenthood

Central North Carolina

Smart Girls

MISSION: To provide young girls with the information and skills necessary for them to become SMART GIRLS, making SMART DECISIONS who grow up to be SMART WOMEN who are ultimately HAPPY, HEALTHY, AND SUCCESSFUL in life!

smartgirls.JPGSmart Girls Life Skills Training Curriculum encourages participants to explore their attitudes feelings and values about self-esteem, relationships, dating, and sexual behavior to promote healthy decision making.


Participants will complete an 8 week training program, meeting weekly for 1 hour, 30 minutes over the course of 8 weeks. Smart Girls Life Skills Training Curriculum is for middle school girls. It can be implemented in a variety of settings, such as community agencies, youth groups within faith-based institutions and after-school programs.


Following the successful completion of training, each program participant will receive a $50.00 incentive.




  • Enhance Self Esteem
  • Sharpen Decision Making Skills
  • Set Goals for the Future
  • Strengthen Family Connections

Contact: Monika Simmons-Thigpen

 910-323-3774 ext 201
 Click here to download Program Application

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Smart Girls