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Central North Carolina

Local Education and Training

Based on research that shows that time-intensive, multi-component programs involving a small number of people are the most effective at changing risky sexual behavior and preventing adolescent pregnancy, PPCNC focuses our community education efforts on long-term programming including peer education and school-based sexuality education programs.

Peer Education Programs


PPCNC uses a peer education model to equip adolescents with training and information about reproductive health and/or teen pregnancy prevention so that they can become accurate sources of information for their friends, family and acquaintances. In this way, we are working to create lay health advisors within our communities. We offer our award-winning Peer Education programs in Orange, Durham, and Cumberland counties.

Our teen Peer Education programs provide adolescents with medically accurate, factual information empowering young people to make responsible choices based on their own ethics and values. Trained peer educators work within their schools and communities to disseminate this information to others. Peer Educators receive up to 40 hours of training around the issues of sexuality, healthy relationships, abstinence and contraceptive options, suicide prevention, body image, eating disorders, sexual violence prevention, communication and decision making skills, job skills, higher education and goal setting. They also have the opportunity to earn a stipend by sharing information and providing referrals to their peers.

Want to be a peer educator?

Other Sexuality Education Programs are available upon request.  Recognizing the need the for accurate and honest information, many charter schools and independent schools are turning to Planned Parenthood for help.

We also work in coalition with groups across the state such as The Durham Coalition on Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention, to sponsor other trainings.

For more information on any PPCNC Education Program contact:

Director of Education
4551 Yadkin Rd
Fayetteville, NC  28303
(910) 323-3774 ext 201

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Local Education and Training