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Legislative Update

Here is a rundown on bills related to Health Care Access for Women and Young People filed in North Carolina's 2013-2014 LegislativeSession. We are working hard to defeat these measures and are closely tracking their progress. Look below for opportunities to TAKE ACTION.

Bill Number

Bill Description

Bill Status

HB693 [view bill] Eliminate Minor's Consent: Current law, enacted in 1977,allows minors to seek confidential care for the treatment of STDs, pregnancy (birth control, NOT abortion,) substance abuse and mental health counseling. HB 693 requires parental consent before a minor could receive treatment for any of these time-sensitive, potentially life-threatening needs. Referred to Health and Human Services
HB694 [view bill] Written Consent for Sex Ed: Current law allows parents who do not want their students to receive reproductive health information in school to opt out of this section of the Healthy Living Curriculum. HB694 would flip parental involvement upside down and require parental consent for sections of NC's Healthy Living Curriculum that address birth control and STD prevention. No consent is required for the "Abstinence until Marriage" portion of the curriculum, effectively making abstinence-only the default curriculum Referred to Education Committee
HB 711
[view bill]
Define Parental Rights/Statutory Law:HB 711 establishes that parents have sovereignty over their children and prohibits government agencies from intervening in a parent's "upraising, education, and care of his or her child." The bill makes no mention of child abuse or neglect. Referred to Judiciary C
HB716 [view bill] Gender Discrimination: Allows doctors who perform abortions to be sued by their patient, her "spouse, parent, sibling, guardian, or current or former licensed health care provider" if the doctor thinks gender discrimination was a significan factor in the woman deciding to end the pregnancy. Referred to Judiciary A
HB 730 [view bill] Elimination of Birth Control Coverage: Allows any employer who objects to birth control for personal religious reasons to eliminate contraception coverage from their employee health insurance plan even if the plan covers other prescription drugs. Referred to Judiciary A

SB 4
[view bill]

No NC Exchange/ No Medicaid Expansion: ProhibitsNC from expanding Medicaid to cover approximately half a million uninsured North Carolinians as permitted by the Affordable Care Act. The federal government would have paid 100% of the cost of expanding Medicaid. More than 1 in 5 women between the ages of 18 and 64 in North Carolina are uninsured. A sizeable portion of these women and their families would have health coverage had McCrory not signed this legislation into law Passed House and Senate, signed into law by Governor McCrory on 3/6/13
SB132 [view bill] Health Curriculum/Preterm Birth: SB 132 would mandate that NC Public Schools teach that abortion leads to future pre-term births despite the fact that this is unsupported by medical science and not recognized by the American College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Public Health Association, or the Center for Disease Control. Referred to Senate Health Care
SB308 [view bill] Amend WRTK: SB 308 would create additional barriers for women seeking access to safe and legal abortion by imposing medically unnecessary and politically motivated administrative demands on doctors who provide this care. Referred to Rules
SB518 [view bill] Healthy Marriage Act: SB 518 would lengthen the divorce waiting period to two years with no exception for victims of domestic violence. Studies show that a woman has the greatest chance of being killed at the time she makes clear she wants to leave the relationship. Referred to Rules
SB 664
[view bill]
Consolidate Domestic Violence Commision/ NC Council for Women: SB 664 would eliminate the NC Council for Women and restrict eligible state funding to only one center in most counties even in situations where a county has separate domestic violence and sexual assault centers. More than anything, this bill shows how little some politicians know about the different needs of sexual assault and domestic violence victims. This will ultimately lead to established centers shutting down and victims in need being pitted against each other for funding. Referred to Rules
SB 675
[view bill]
Elimiante Minor's Consent: SB 675 same as HB 693 except that it also eliminates the "judicial by-pass," which allows a minor to go before a judge to ask that she or he be deemed mature enough to make a health decision if the minor has not parent, guardian, or grandparent willing or able to consent.

Referred to Health and Human Services

Tell our state's leaders that women don't need politicians to have a hand in making their most complex, private and personal decisions. Tell them that teens deserve medically accurate information and access to confidential, life-saving health care services.

Email political leaders right now and urge them to reject the extreme political agendas of lawmakers like Stam and Daniel!
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Legislative Update