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A vasectomy is a safe, simple, permanent surgical procedure which prevents a man from causing a pregnancy.

We offer the no-incision ("no-scalpel") method of vasectomy at our Houston (4600 Gulf Freeway) health center. With this method of vasectomy, the skin of the scrotum is not cut. One tiny puncture is made to reach both tubes. The tubes are then tied off, cauterized, or blocked. The tiny puncture heals quickly. No stitches are needed, and no scarring takes place. This method reduces bleeding and decreases the possibility of infection, bruising, and other complications.

The cost of a vasectomy is $550 and it includes the procedure, sedation, athletic support (jock strap), and post-operative semen analysis. We can provide a super bill for you to send to your insurance.




Contact us to schedule an appointment or for more information. Walk-in appointments are not available.


Click here for more detailed information about vasectomies.

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