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A real client's story:

September 2010 Soon after ending a relationship, I noticed some symptoms that concerned me. I knew I had to go to the doctor to find out what it was, so I made an appointment with a local physician to get checked out. After close inspection, the doctor said it appeared to be herpes and prescribed me medicine to treat it.

I was, of course, unhappy to hear that I had herpes. I knew it could be treated, but not cured. What would this mean for my future? I wouldn't know how to bring it up to a girlfriend. I wondered if anyone would want to have sex with me again. Would I still be able to have children?

Jump to July 2011 I started dating a wonderful woman, and we've been in a relationship for a while now. I know she wants to take our physical relationship to the next step, but I haven't told her that I have herpes. I know it's something that I need to talk about with her before things can go any further.

As I start to get advice about how to bring up the subject, I begin to second-guess my herpes diagnosis. My symptoms never really seemed like the stories I had researched on the internet, and the medicine I was prescribed didn't seem to help. Maybe I don't even have herpes.

I decide to get a second opinion, so I make an appointment at Planned Parenthood. I know they see a lot of people every day with questions just like mine. I describe my symptoms to the clinician, and as soon as she inspects me, she lets me know that I DON'T have herpes. Imagine my relief! I had spent the last 10 months believing I had herpes when it was really just a treatable infection.

I'm grateful to Planned Parenthood and the staff for their expertise and being there for me to help me through this situation. They really know their stuff, and the peace of mind they helped me get is invaluable.


080519-sm-shareyourstory.jpg Email us at andyour storymay be our next featured client story. We will use only your initials in orderto protect your identity. Please let us know if you would like to be referred to as "anonymous."


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Client Stories