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Our staff is respectful, sensitive, and all services are confidential as allowed by law.


Gynecology is health care for women.  It protects your sexual and reproductive health. Routine gynecological care:

  • prevents illness and discomfort
  • allows for early detection of cancers of the breast and cervix-when they are more curable
  • detects sexually transmitted diseases/infections (STDs/STIs) and other conditions before they cause serious damage
  • prevents sterility
  • can make pregnancy and childbirth easier 

Staying healthy is important.  Sexual health is an important part of overall wellness.

How Often You Should Have a Regular GYN Exam

You should have a routine GYN exam every year if you are sexually active or over age 18. You may need to have checkups even more often if you have a:

  • history of sexual health problems
  • sexually-related illness
  • mother or sister who developed breast cancer before menopause
  • history of abnormal Pap test results
  • breast lump
  • or if you plan to become pregnant

The best time to schedule your exam is two weeks after your period.

During the 24 hours prior to your exam, do not douche, have sex, or apply any medications to the cervix. Do not use a tampon. All of these things can cover up important findings of the exam.

If it is your first exam, say so. Ask the clinician to go slowly and explain what is happening.

Services Provided for Women Include

-Birth control methods (supplies available at each center)
-Reproductive physical exams including:
      ·General Physical
      ·Breast Exam
      ·Pelvic Exam
      ·Pap test for women to detect abnormal cervical cells
-Basic lab tests as needed
-Emergency Contraception (Plan B) 
-Colposcopy to diagnose and/or remove abnormal cervical cells
-Referrals to medical & social services 
-Gardasil HPV vaccine
-Pregnancy Testing
-Testing and treatment for: 
      ·Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs / STIs)  
      ·Vaginal Infections
      ·HIV Testing with same day results
      ·Herpes HSV-2 test

Contact Us at:

Administrative Headquarters
916 East Hackberry
McAllen, TX 78501
Phone: (956) 688-3700
Fax: (956) 618-3718

To request an appointment:
(956) 686-6671

To contact your nearest health center directly:
McAllen - Mary English Center: (956) 686-6671
Edinburg: (956) 383-5084
Mission: (956) 585-4575
Weslaco: (956) 968-5039

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