Planned Parenthood

Hidalgo County


There are many ways to become involved and show support for Planned Parenthoods mission of providing quality reproductive health care, education, and advocacy. You can make a difference. Volunteer on weekly and monthly events and have a great time doing it!

Download the Volunteer Application

Please turn in your completed application to the Planned Parenthood Education / Administraton office located at 916 E. Hackberry in McAllen during regular business hours.

YPG or Young Professionals Group is a Friends of Planned Parenthood Committee, made up of individuals and community professionals who volunteer their time and expertise to organize mini-fundraisers to benefit Planned Parenthood. These mini-fundraiser/friend-raisers are called Cocktails for a Cause.

To learn more information on how you can join this volunteer group or learn about other volunteer opportunities at PPAHC, please email

Are you a UTPA student? Consider joining VOX! The purpose of VOX(latin for "voice)is to make sure that college studentsknow howtostay free of STDs and unplanned pregnancy in order to achieve their dream of a college education. VOX also allows for thevoices of pro-choice college students to be heard loud and clear on university campuses. Members pass out information and condoms, hold movie viewings, participae in UTPA sponsored events and develop their own awareness and fundraising events.

Many of today's students never knew a time where contraception wasn't readily available and abortion wasn't safe and legal. Campus VOX programs are designed to educate students about sexual health, where tofind services, andhowto advocate for thereproductive healthcare programs and services people take for granted.

Want to know more? Contactthe VOX groupat vox.utpa@gmail.comor visit theirFacebook page at

Get involved with the Planned Parenthood Action Network (PPAN)

Advocates who share our commitment of promoting comprehensive, age-appropriate, medically accurate sexuality education, now have a voice. PPAN members are emailed periodic updates and alerts on issues relating to family planning, sexuality education, and reproductive health. Quick links to the U.S. and Texas Capitols are often included for advocates to show their support or concern.

PPAN is fast and easy to use, and its FREE! Email us at if you're interested!

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