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Designating Your Online Gift

When you give to Planned Parenthood online, you may direct your gift in one of four ways: Local, National, International, and Where Need Is Greatest.  Here is more information about each of these options:

Selecting the Local option on the donation page will direct 100% of your online gift to your local affiliate to support health centers and education programs in your community.  When on a donation page, please scroll to the state of Texas and click on Planned Parenthood Association of Hidalgo County, Inc.   If you want to ensure that your gift comes to PPAHC, please contact us directly.  

Selecting National means 100% of your online gift will go to PPFA – the umbrella organization that leads Planned Parenthood’s national lobbying and advocacy efforts. PPFA provides no direct services in your local community; rather, it provides support for the health and advocacy mission of affiliates across the country. 

By selecting International, 100% of your online gift goes to the PPFA International Program.  This program supports the local organizations, health care providers and advocates in 17 nations world-wide. 

Where Need Is Greatest
Selecting Where Need Is Greatest allows you to split your gift 50/50 between the programs and services of your local affiliate and the national lobbying/advocacy efforts of PPFA.

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Types of Online Gifts

One Time Gift
Your donation will help support our shared vision of healthy sexuality and reproductive choice through exceptional services, honest education and fearless advocacy. 

Monthly Gifts 
Provide consistent funding for our important programs by making monthly/quarterly gifts.

Honor, Celebration & Memorial Gifts
Make a gift in celebration or memory of a colleague or loved one.

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