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Be Healthy, Be Safe, Be You! is a multi-month campaign that wants to help you make healthy and safe decisions when it comes to your sexual health. During the campaign look for special discounts and promotions each month! #BeHealthyBeYou


September: Let’s Talk About Birth Control 

You may be familiar with birth control, even if you aren't sexually active. But, when you do decide to become sexually active, and it is time to choose the right method, the task can be overwhelming.

There are many kinds of birth control, and they don’t all work the same way for everyone. 

A medical provider can help match up your lifestyle, future plans and health history with the right method. Being experts they can answer your questions too – not only about birth control, but also about sexual health in general. 

At Planned Parenthood Arizona, we want you to feel comfortable and confident with the birth control method you decide on.  

- You can take a look at some of the different types of birth control that are available.

- You can also use the My Method App to get some ideas about a method that may be right for you.  

We take most major health insurance, as well as AHCCCS. We are also a Title X (ten) provider; through federally funded family planning teens can have access to low- or no-cost services and birth control based on income. With or without insurance, we can provide you with your birth control at your appointment. 

To make an appointment, in Phoenix, 602.277.PLAN (7526); in Tucson, 520.408.PLAN (7526); and elsewhere in Arizona, toll-free 855.207.PLAN (7526). 



  • Parents, this is a great reason to start the conversation with your teen about family values when it comes to sex and sexuality. Here is an online toolkit to help you with the conversation. Polling shows that your teen wants to hear this from you.
  • And, teens, here is a tip sheet for talking with your parents about sex and relationships. We know it can be awkward, but they were teens once and they have the answers you are looking for.

NOTE: We always encourage young people to talk to their parents or trusted adult about their sexual health because it is best to frame sex and relationships within a family’s values and beliefs. But, a young person does not have to have his or her parent’s permission in order to access prevention services (such as exams or birth control) or to make an appointment.

Why Be Healthy, Be Safe, Be You

Teens want information ─ more than three-quarters of teens, aged 15-17, say that they need more information about birth control, HIV/AIDS, and other sexually transmitted infections. And, we know that when teens have the information and education they need, they make better decisions. 

And, in Arizona, the statistics show that teens aren’t getting the information they so desperately want in order to make healthy decisions…

  • Fifty-two percent (52.6%) of high school seniors reported having sexual intercourse in the past three months.
  • Only fifty-nine percent (59%) report using a condom during last sexual intercourse and fifteen percent (15%) did not use any method to prevent pregnancy during last intercourse.
  • While teen pregnancy rates are declining, Arizona teens are still more likely to become pregnant than most teens across the nation. Arizona is ranked 18th among states for teen pregnancy.



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Be Healthy, Be Safe, Be You!