Republicans for Choice

Who are we?
Republicans for Choice (RFC) is dedicated to the preservation of individual rights and reproductive freedom. We represent women and men across the country who believe our nation is best served by policies that support family planning and a woman's right to choose. Never once have we felt that our core Republican values were in conflict with our support for providing women with the necessary means to ensure that every child is a wanted child.

What do we stand for?
RFC believes in the constitutional right of individuals to exercise freedom of reproductive choice without fear of government intrusion. We support the principles of religious freedom and separation of church and state, and oppose using the Republican Party to impose specific religious beliefs that restrict an individual's right to make private, moral decisions.

What do we do?
Since its formation, RFC has advocated responsible choices such as honest, medically accurate sexuality education, including but not limited to abstinence; and affordable, accessible reproductive health services, including abortion. Each day, we continue working to build support to remove anti-choice language from the national and state party platforms, and we are demonstrating that we will not be silent while others try to perpetuate the myth that most Republicans are anti-choice.

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