Project Street Beat

Project Street Beat is Planned Parenthood of New York City’s unique HIV prevention and access-to-care program that serves women, men, and teens who live and work on New York City’s streets.  Traveling to neighborhoods in our minivans and mobile medical unit, our street-staff connect with the people who are at highest risk for HIV/AIDS.

Our clients include intravenous drug users, other substance users, homeless people, commercial sex workers, and other people at risk. 

We work both day and night shifts, hitting the places where people meet and hang out.  In this way, Project Street Beat helps clients move from day-to-day survival into a safer, healthier lifestyle.

Programs and Services We Offer at No Cost

  • Basic survival services – food, clean clothes, condoms, and clean syringes
  • Rapid HIV/AIDS testing, education, and prevention interventions
  • Individual and group counseling to reduce clients’ risk of contracting and transmitting HIV
  • Harm reduction services – such as the Expanded Syringe Access Program and Opioid Overdose Prevention Training
  • Linkages to medical care for HIV+ individuals
  • Medical services on our mobile medical unit: primary health care, testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections, hepatitis B and C testing and referrals for treatment, GYN exam, contraception, pregnancy testing and referrals for services
  • Case management - we bring support and counseling to clients in the street, and we help them to get the services they need beyond Project Street Beat’s services

Support Groups

Weekly discussion groups are available to all Project Street Beat clients, organized around common issues such as HIV+ status, substance use, and other high-risk behaviors. We conduct support groups in Project Street Beat’s neighborhood offices and at the offices of community organizations.

Group-Level Intervention

To help our clients change their HIV risk behaviors, Project Street Beat offers these interventions specifically tailored to the populations we serve:

  • Safety Counts – tailored to intravenous drug users and other substance users
  • Sista to Sista – tailored to African-American women
  • Healing Our Women – tailored to African-American women and Latinas 

For more information about Project Street Beat, call us at (212) 965-4850.

Project Street Beat's Offices:

349 East 149th Street, 3rd Floor
Bronx, NY 10451
Tel. (212) 965-4850    Fax (212) 965-4844   

1406 Fulton Street, 2nd Floor 
Brooklyn, NY 11216
Tel. (212) 965-4885    Fax (212) 965-6905
180 West 135th Street, Rm. 417
New York, NY 10030 (Harlem)
Tel. (212) 926-2707    Fax (212) 926-5421

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