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Adult Role Models (ARM) is a parent-peer education program designed to provide parents with the information and skills they need to become the primary sexuality educators of their children. Planned Parenthood of New York City has operated this program in diverse New York City communities with great success for more than a decade. The ARM progam is currently in a randomized controlled trial study to evaluate its impact on parents and teen sexual health outcomes.

We are pleased to make available—free of charge—the Adult Role Models Program Manual, which will help you to develop or strengthen your own parent-peer education program. It contains:

1. A step-by-step model for developing, adapting, and sustaining a parent-peer education program.
2. A 20-session training curriculum for training parents to become peer educators.
3. ARM Workshop 1 Script ("Talking to Your Children about the Facts of Life")—one of four interactive, educational, and fun workshop scripts that the peer educators use to run workshops to teach parents how to be the primary sexuality educators of their children.
4. An extensive resource list for service providers working with parents. 

To view and download the ARM Program Manual, just fill out and submit the short form below.  When you submit the form, a thank-you page will appear on your screen with a link to a PDF of the ARM Program Manual. 

While the ARM Program Manual itself is free of charge, we also offer at reasonable fees some products and services related to the ARM Program Manual.  Please read about them below and tell us if you're interested in learning more about them.  

We believe that the ARM Program Manual will be a valuable resource for you.  We hope you'll be in touch and let us know how it serves your needs.   

Thank you for completing the form below, which will give us a sense of your interest in the ARM Program Manual.

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The following products/services are available at reasonable fees to supplement the ARM Program Manual. Please check any products/services you may be interested in hearing more about:
Product / Service Check box if interested in learning more about the corresponding product/ service:
Training (at your site or at PPNYC): Customized to your agency's needs related to any aspect of the ARM program.
ARM Workshop 2 Script:
"Child Development and Sexuality" explores with parents how they can help their children to become sexually healthy and responsible adults. (90 minutes)
ARM Workshop 3 Script:
"Opening the Lines of Communication" helps parents to identify the sexuality messages they want to send to their children and the best way to communicate those messages. (90 minutes)
ARM Workshop 4 Script:
"It Takes More Than Talk" encourages combining good communication with parental monitoring of children's activities, including their relationship with technology such as cellphones and social networking sites.
(2 hours)
ARM Program Shadowing:
Visit PPNYC to experience a day in the life of the ARM program.
Technical Assistance:
ARM staff are available to provide technical assistance (via phone and/or email) related to the ARM program.

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