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endorsed PPNYC's tips for parents and kids to talk about sex. When you have these ongoing conversations, it can lead to smarter and healthier decisions. Make time to talk! 

1. Start the conversation today! Sex education is a lifelong process. Be sure to talk with your family early and often. Watch our videos "Parents and Children: Talking about Sexuality" and "How to Talk with Your Child about Sex" to see how to do it. 


See this video in Spanish

2. Get tips for talking about sex with your family. Parents and caregivers: make a special effort to share your values and beliefs with your children. Download these Planned Parenthood resources in English and Spanish that can help you.

Hey, What Do I Say? How to Talk with Your Parents about Sex
 "Hey What Do I Say?
A Parent to Parent Guide
on How to Talk with Your Children
about Sexuality"
[English]   [Spanish]
"The Importance of Talking
to Your Parents about
Sex and Sexuality"
[English]   [Spanish]
"Tips for Talking with Your Children about Sexuality"
[English]   [Spanish]
"Tips for Talking with Your Parents about Sex and Relationships"
[English]   [Spanish]

3. Learn about PPNYC's work to foster sex education and family communication and how you can participate. 

- Host an "Adult Role Models" workshop about effective sex ed in your home, religious institution, school, or other community venue.

- Host a PPNYC speaker at a PTA meeting, religious institution, or comunity organization.

- Sign up to be updated about relevant news and events.

To find out how you can get involved in these and other activities, e-mail us at or call (212) 274-7312 for more information.

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