Take Action! Support Legislation to Regulate Deceptive Practices of Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Crisis Pregnancy Centers: What Are They?

Crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) are anti-choice organizations masquerading as legitimate reproductive health care providers.

They are not licensed medical facilities. Instead, the CPCs' goal is to intentionally deceive and misinform women about their reproductive health options.

CPCs often have misleading names and signage, and set up shop near legitimate reproductive health care providers.

Pregnant women who walk into CPCs are not told or informed about the full range of their pregnancy options and methods of birth control. Worse than that, CPCs have a specific agenda designed to misinform women and discourage abortion as well as the use of FDA-approved birth control methods.

CPCs often collect personal information from women, such as social security numbers, contact information, medical history, and insurance information. Yet there is no regulation on what CPCs can do with this information and nothing requiring them to keep it confidential.

How Would the New York City Council's Proposed Legislation Regulate CPCs?

Introduction 371, a bill recently introduced by the City Council, would require crisis pregnancy centers to be honest with women about what services they do and don't provide, and about whether or not they employ a trained medical professional.

The legislation would also regulate CPCs' use of personal information -- requiring it to be kept confidential.

This bill will ensure that the women of New York City will know whether they will receive truly comprehensive options counseling when they go to a crisis pregnancy center, and will ensure that their private, personal information will be protected.

What Can New Yorkers Do to Ensure Passage of the Legislation?

Please sign PPNYC's "Petition to End Deception."  It will be sent to New York City Council members to urge them to swiftly pass Introduction 371, the bill to regulate crisis pregnancy centers and protect women's health and privacy.  Thank you!

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