Planned Parenthood of New York City in the News

Letter to the Editor, "Weighing the Decision," by Joan Malin, President and CEO, Planned Parenthood of New York City, published in New York Times (1/9/11)

Re “The Unborn Paradox” (column by Ross Douthat, January 2):

What MTV depicted in its documentary “No Easy Decision,” and what Ross Douthat does not acknowledge in his column, is that Markai Durham and thousands of women like her are capable of sensitively and wisely weighing the decisions that have consequences of life or death.

Mr. Douthat offers no evidence that fewer abortions would mitigate complex fertility treatments or the enormous amount of bureaucratic red tape surrounding the adoption process. Many studies in fact suggest that, in a culture that treasures biological children, prospective parents opt first for fertility treatments and then, if at all, pursue adoption.

A thoughtful look at reproductive decision-making is always welcome, but a broadside that once again seeks to demonize and make guilty those women who elect to terminate their pregnancies is not adding to the civil discourse.

Conflating fertility, adoption and abortion in no way alleviates the myriad challenges involved in deciding whether or not to become a parent.


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