May is Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month

Teen Pregnancy PreventionDownload the report (PDF) Parent-Child Connectedness in Our Communities

Because your health matters, Planned Parenthood Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota (PPMNS) is proud to be a leader in reproductive health care. May is Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month, and as part of an ongoing commitment to public health and education, PPMNS has released a report on Parent-Child Connectedness, a key strategy in reducing teen pregnancy and building strong families.

The report comes just as Teenwise Minnesota has released a new study showing that Minnesota’s teen birth rate has fallen to the lowest point in at least 40 years. While causes of the downward trend are still a subject of debate, studies show that Parent-Child Connectedness is a key factor in preventing teen pregnancies and many other negative adolescent outcomes.

Parent-child connectedness (PCC) is a strong emotional bond between parent and child. It’s known in the public health world as a “super protector,” buffering adolescents from the many challenges and risks they face, including unintended pregnancy.

Studies show that strong PCC protects against 33 negative adolescent outcomes, such as unintended pregnancy; HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs); violence; depression; eating disorders; alcohol, tobacco and drug use; and poor academic achievement. The report explains the concept of PCC, explores the power of parental influence in the lives of young people, makes recommendations for communities on creating an environment of support for families and empowers parents with real-world strategies to connect with their children.

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