Gifts that Generate Income for Life

Gifts that pay you and support Planned Parenthood.

A life-income gift lets you make a gift to Planned Parenthood, earn income for life, and also enjoy a significant income tax deduction in the year you set up the gift.

Depending on the type of life-income gift you choose, appreciated assets like real estate and stock can be used to fund your gift. If appreciated assets are used, you can also avoid capital gains tax.

Two of the most popular life-income gifts are:

 Charitable Gift Annuities. In exchange for a gift of $10,000 or more, Planned Parenthood provides a stream of income to one or more individuals for life. In addition to an immediate tax deduction, a portion of the payment you receive will be tax free. Many individuals aged 65 and older find this to be an attractive giving opportunity.

 Charitable Remainder Trusts. This option offers you the opportunity to set up a charitable plan tailored to your specific financial goals. Through investment of trust assets, you have the option of enjoying increasingly larger payments throughout your lifetime as well as significant tax savings. After the trust expires, the remaining assets will go to Planned Parenthood and any other charities named in the trust agreement.

More information:
To designate your planned gift locally, please specify Planned Parenthood Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota tax ID #41-0948382.

Questions? Contact our Planned Giving staff.

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