Sexuality Education Programs

PPMET offers programs and resources covering a variety of topics related to human sexuality.

Our professional community educators present single or multiple-session workshops for youth, students, adults, parents, and health professionals. Programs are evidence-based, interactive and are customized to meet the age, ability and needs of the audience. We are also available for health fairs and community outreach events.  Most programs and resources are also available in Spanish (Spanish programming in Nashville area only).   Each of our programs is tailored to fit your group’s needs and setting.

For more information, or arrange a session for your group, please call PPMET's Education and Training Department:

Nashville area:  615-345-0952, ext. 212
Knoxville area: 865-694-7155, ext. 3

Youth and Community Programs

For youth and young adults, we offer presentations on all aspects of sexuality including abstinence, puberty, safer sex practices and healthy relationships. Some of our most requested workshops are listed below. If you don’t see a program listed, call us to develop a workshop to meet your specific needs.

Puberty: Am I Normal?  Encourages acceptance and understanding of all body types by explaining reproductive anatomy and the physical and emotional changes that occur during puberty and beyond.

Abstinence: Know If You’re ReadyBecause saying “no” isn’t always easy, this workshop builds refusal and decision-making skills to empower young people to postpone sexual involvement and make healthy decisions.

Birth Control: When and If You Need ItIdentifies behaviors that can lead to an unplanned pregnancy and reviews available birth control methods including abstinence and the latest behavioral, barrier, and hormonal contraceptives.

Sexually Transmitted Infections 101:  Surveys the most common STI’s, with a focus on possible symptoms, treatments, and methods of prevention.

Building Healthy RelationshipsCultivates respect for oneself and others by focusing on communication skills, tolerance of differences, dealing with vulnerability and jealousy and the acceptance of sexual responsibility.

“That’s so gay…”  Explores issues surrounding gender, sexual orientation, and stereotypes to promote tolerance and understanding.

The Facts about HIV/AIDSDispels common misconceptions about HIV/AIDS by providing facts about the HIV virus, how it is spread, how to protect oneself, and advances in vaccine research and treatment options.         

MySpace, YourSpaceProvides participants with information and skills to identify and interrogate the influence of popular media on sexuality, decision-making, and relationships.

Promoting Healthy Decisions (P.H.D.) for Teens

Our Promoting Healthy Decisions (P.H.D.) series fosters a “higher understanding” of sexuality and reproductive health—including all the basics and beyond. P.H.D. for Teens is a customizable, multiple-session workshop that addresses issues including pregnancy prevention, reproductive anatomy, STIs, and healthy relationships.

Programs for Parents

We provide training and one-on-one consultations for parents on talking with children and teens about sexuality issues, including topics such as: teaching your values; helping youth resist peer pressure; media awareness; answering difficult questions regarding sex and sexuality; and being an 'askable' adult.

Programs for Professionals

In addition to conducting periodic training sessions for professionals throughout the year, we also offer in-service training, one-on-one consultations and workshops on sexuality education skills such as: handling controversial topics; up to date knowledge on a variety of sexuality topics; creative activities to engage students; sensitivity to diversity; and enhancing comfort in teaching sexuality in a group.

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