Moderate Sedation (“Twilight Sleep”)

We are now able to provide moderate sedation (twilight sleep) to women who are selecting in-clinic abortions. Moderate sedation reduces pain and anxiety during the procedure and we are proud to offer this additional option to our clients.

Getting Ready for Moderate Sedation (“Twilight Sleep”)

When you come for your appointment, we will talk to you about the benefits and risks of moderation sedation in detail. To prepare for moderate sedation before you come:

  • The day prior to your procedure, you should not have any solid food or milk after midnight. On the morning of your procedure, you can have LIQUIDS ONLY two hours before your appointment. Examples of things you CAN have include apple juice, orange juice WITHOUT the pulp, tea, jello, water or soda. Examples of things you CANNOT eat the morning of your procedure include donuts, bagels, eggs, bacon, grits or anything solid. These instructions help reduce the risk of aspiration, or swallowing food by accident into your lungs, which can cause a complication during the procedure. DO NOT eat any solid food after midnight. After midnight, clear liquids only are allowed until 2 hours before the appointment (like water or 7 up. No milk or orange juice.
  • If you have diabetes and are taking insulin, please talk to our staff about the requirements for preparing for moderate sedation. 
  • You MUST have a responsible adult who will drive you home. The effects of moderate sedation can last for several hours. 
  • If you have not followed the above directions, you WILL NOT be able to get moderate sedation. You may still be able to have a procedure with local anesthesia. 
  • Take all of your medications that you normally take on the morning of your procedure. Take with water. 
  • If you are asthmatic you MUST bring your inhaler.

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