Health Center Manager

We are actively looking for to fill the following position. Please send resumes to or fax resume to 609-989-1546. We are an equal opportunity employer.

Job Title: Health Center Manager Hamilton Health Center

Full Time

Key Job Responsibilities:

1. Leads staff in resolving customer problems, informing customers of options and modeling exemplary and culturally competent customer service. Utilizes customer satisfaction surveys as opportunity to identify areas for improvement and addresses issues raised by surveys.

2. Hold all clinical staff accountable to specific measurable customer service standards (e.g. through annual performance monitoring and implementing corrective action plans when customer service expectations are not being met.)

3. Ensures that health center meets productivity standards with a focus on continuous improvement on productivity measures. Assists Patient Services Administration Team in developing a center budget including patient and visit projections. Responsible for identifying and implementing revenue enhancement and cost saving measures.

4. Participates in the daily delivery of patient care, by establishing assignments, managing patient flow, emergencies, and assisting with direct care as needed during clinic sessions.

5. Facilitates health center operations by identifying and resolving problems; identifying and proposing responses to developing trends and by problem solving with staff and members of the patient services administrative team in a timely manner.

6. Responsible for timely and regular communication with staff members regarding policy and protocols, staff development needs, and conducts staff meetings on a regular basis. Leads staff in implementing any changes in PPAMA policies or strategy at the health center level. Assures that staff are utilizing accepted communication channels for affiliate (ie. email).

7. Leads staff in identifying ways to improve quality and improve processes, products and services. Enforces quality standards including timely adherence to QA calendar, financial and risk management activities.

8. Responsible for the proper management and follow-up of abnormal laboratory tests and referral process.


Baccalaureate degree or licensed nurse in the State of New Jersey. Supervisory and ambulatory care experience preferred. Demonstration of excellent communication and management skills required. Commitment to positive and proactive approach to problem solving, efficiency and customer oriented provision of service required.

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