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Why do you use or support Planned Parenthood? Share your story to help us better share our story!

Many people don't know how Planned Parenthood Greater Memphis Region provides reproductive health care to thousands of Mid-Southerners every year, allowing them to stay healthy and plan their families. Whether you are a patient, an education participant, a volunteer, an activist or a supporter, we would love to hear how PPGMR has touched your life.

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*If you prefer to remain anonymous, we can protect your name and identity. Please let us know!

Here are some things to think about while writing your story:

  • What types of services have you received from PPGMR?
  • Have preventative screenings you received at PPGMR caught a cancer or infection early when it could be more easily treated?
  • Have you experienced problems or judgment receiving family planning services elsewhere?
  • Do you require assistance paying for your family planning services?
  • Did you learn valuable information that had a positive impact on your health or personal life at PPGMR or at an outreach education session?

Thank you! Your story and your experiences matter. Telling us your story will allow us to improve how we communicate about and provide services in our community.

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