Where Are We Headed?

Washington has an outstanding opportunity to develop a cooperative discussion that embraces

The New 3Rs of adolescent sexual health. It may take many years, even decades, to achieve the cultural shift that is at the heart of The New 3Rs. But the process of creating that shift is well under way and momentum is building.

The New 3Rs will:

  • Continue to build on its work with faith communities, engaging larger circles of clergy, religious leaders and congregations,
  • Expand it's activities and programs supporting family communication about sexuality,
  • Strengthen the skills of parent advocates and their work on behalf of comprehensive sex education,
  • Actively create opportunities that support young people in developing a sense of competence, usefulness, belonging and empowerment,
  • Advance the individual and collaborative efforts of a statewide network of The New 3Rs Advocates, and
  • Partner with mass media professionals to advance messages that reflect the vision and values of The New 3Rs.

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