What is The New 3Rs?

The New 3Rs is a new way of thinking about adolescent sexual health. It aims to create a youth-positive climate through an open-ended set of activities. The New 3Rs is not a specific program or project. Instead, it is an organizing principle supported by a host of programs, projects, curricula and policies that reflect the following core values:

Rights: We believe youth have the right to accurate information and access to health services.

Respect: We respect youth as valued members of the community, with much to offer.

Responsibility: We trust youth to make responsible decisions when they are provided information, taught skills and given the support to do so.

Because The New 3Rs emphasizes an adaptable research-based public health approach, it can attain broad based support throughout Washington. Clergy, health professionals, educators, parents, youth, community leaders and policy makers can integrate The New 3Rs values into their own work and/or personal lives.

The proven public health strategies that The New 3Rs employs include:

  • Family communication,
  • Comprehensive sex education,
  • Positive youth development,
  • Effective mass media campaigns,
  • Confidential and accessible health services,
  • Public policies based on sound public health approaches.

    The catalyst behind The New 3Rs is to:

  • demonstrate The New 3Rs values in every aspect of its own work, including education, advocacy, and clinic services, and
  • recruit, coordinate, and actively engage a coalition of The New 3Rs Advocates that collectively advances a positive vision of adolescent sexual health.

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