Measuring Success

When The New 3Rs has achieved its ideal:

  • Parents, families, teachers, community leaders, policy makers and opinion leaders will be able to talk about sexuality in a natural way, and will be committed to open, honest communication with young people.
  • Comprehensive, age-appropriate sex education will be provided; standardized, expected, and welcomed. It will be available through multiple, easily accessible channels of communication.
  • Contraception, sexual protection, and sexual health services will be universally accessible and affordable.
  • A fourth R -- Research -- will be the basis for selecting programs and strategies. Policy related to sexuality will be driven by proven public health approaches. Personal values and morals regarding sexual decisions will be respected and addressed within families and faith communities.
  • Young people will have a voice in matters pertaining to their sexual health.
  • Young people will be equipped to make informed, thoughtful and healthy decisions about sex; they will automatically think about protecting themselves and their partners if and when they choose to have sex.
  • The media will convey sexually responsible messages  in terms of both what it chooses to cover (sex as a healthy, natural part of being human) and how it chooses to cover it (frank, open, honest discussion, free of innuendo and fear-bating).
  • Prevention efforts will be successful. Unintended pregnancies will be reduced to the point that the abortion debate will be greatly diminished.

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