Contraceptive Refills

For Existing Planned Parenthood of Maryland Clients Only

The refill ordering process may be used to order birth control Pills, NuvaRing, and The Patch (Ortho Evra) only if you:  

  • Have had a visit at a Planned Parenthood of Maryland Health Center within the last 12 months.
  • Have refills left on an existing prescription that was written and initially filled at one of the Planned Parenthood of Maryland Health Centers within the last 12 month. [If you took your prescription to a pharmacy to be filled, you will need to contact that pharmacy to get your refills on that prescription.]
  • You are not having any problems with your hormonal contraceptives, nor have you had any significant changes in your health since your last visit. If you are having problems or have had significant changes in your health, call your Planned Parenthood of Maryland Health Center before refilling your prescription.

To Request a Contraceptive Refill:

Please call your Health Center and follow the prompts to "request a refill or an existing prescription."    

Delivery Options:

By Mail: Pay by credit card and the supplies will be mailed to you. Allow 14 days for processing and delivery. Please call your Health Center directly.

Pick-Up: Refills are available for pick-up at your Planned Parenthood of Maryland Health Center. Allow 2 business days for your supplies to be ready. You will pay at the Health Center when you pick up the supplies.

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