Organize Your Own Event

Planning an event is a great way to get involved with Planned Parenthood, whether its a simple fundraiser like a car wash or one that requires more planning, such as a concert or a golf tournament. Every event makes a difference and it is a fun way to raise money for a good cause! Before deciding on your event, be sure to consider your targeted audience, your budget, and how you plan on generating revenue - it can be with tickets, registration fees, even as a donation to participate. If interested, please contact Ashley for a form to fill out, which includes tips on how to get started, and guidelines for using the Planned Parenthood name and logo.

If you plan on promoting your event, in addition to using your own social networks, please send a request to to promote the event on PPLM social media. If you are also submitting a press release or calendar announcement to promote your event, please send it to Melissa for approval before submitting along with a list of potential publications.

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