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Long-acting reversible contraceptives are safe, effective, and long lasting. That means no more need to remember your birth control! And they’re easily reversible when you decide to become pregnant.


An intrauterine device (IUD) is a small T-shaped device placed into the uterus to prevent pregnancy for several years. Two options are available and offer different benefits: the copper ParaGard IUD, which remains effective for 12 years, and the hormonal Mirena IUD, which is effective for 5 years.

IUDs can cost more up front but save you money over time. Many insurance plans also cover IUDs – call yours to find out before coming to your appointment, or choose to self-pay at PPLM. They are safe and highly effective and can be removed at any time if you decide to become pregnant.

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Contraceptive Implant

The contraceptive implant is a birth control implant that is placed in the arm and releases the hormone progestin. The implant prevents pregnancy up to three years. Similarly to IUDs, it may cost more up front, depending on your insurance coverage, but is usually more affordable over time.

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Learn more about your options

Find out what to expect at your appointment to get a long-acting reversible contraceptive. If you'd like to start using an IUD or implant as your birth control method, you can request an appointment online or by calling 877-686-5772.

Want to learn more? You can also call our Sexual Health Counseling and Referral Hotline for information and support or schedule an appointment to speak with a health care provider.

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