Affordable Birth Control

Birth control methods aren't one-size-fits all. Planned Parenthood offers many affordable birth control options and can help you choose the method that fits your life.

The Pill
- $30 per pack

The Patch - $30 for 3 patches

The Ring - $35 per ring

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The prices on this page are for anyone who will be paying for birth control without using insurance.

 If you are using health insurance for your birth control prescription, you will pay the same co-pay for your prescription as you would pay at any other health care provider or pharmacy - and it might be free! Call us at 1-877-686-5772 option 2 to find out if we accept your pharmacy plan.

We are now offering a simplified bulk discount program for self-pay patients!

Buy 3 or more months of birth control pills for $20 each* (*Yaz not inclued)
Regular price: $30 per month

Buy 3 or more months of Nuva Ring or Ortho Evra (the patch) for $25 each
Regular price: $35 per month for Nuva Ring/ $30 per month for Ortho Evra

Refills by mail now have free shipping. Order by phone only. Call (800) 258-4448 to order.


Need Back-up?

Emergency Contraception (sometimes called the morning-after pill) is effective for preventing pregnancy up to 120 hours 5 days! after unprotected sex. Anyone age 17 and older can pick up Emergency Contraception without a prescription from a supply window at any of our health centers for just $37. If you are under age 17, you need a quick visit to get a prescription you can do a walk-in appointment at any health center, get a prescription, and leave with Emergency Contraception.

Long Term Birth Control

Planned Parenthood offers a variety of longer term methods of birth control. Although the initial cost for these methods is typically higher, they are usually more cost-effective over time.

The Shot - works for 3 months

The Implant - works for up to 3 years

The IUD - works for up to 12 years, depending on the type of IUD

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* Exception: Yaz and Yasmin are $50.

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