Parent/Adult Education and Training

Parents are the greatest influence on teen sexual decision-making – this is one of the valuable findings from a survey of adolescents aged 12 – 19 released by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy. Parents and caregivers play a critical role in helping their children make healthy decisions about sex, love, and relationships.

Planned Parenthood Los Angeles recognizes that parents are – and should be – their children's primary sexuality educators. Research shows that when families talk about issues relating to sexuality, youth make healthier decisions about their relationships, delay sexual activity longer, and are less likely to engage in risky sexual behavior. When it comes to sex, there is increasing evidence that young people want guidance, information and support from their parents more than any other group. Yet many parents are unsure of or uncomfortable about what to say. Planned Parenthood Los Angeles’ Parent/Adult Education Program and Parent/Adult Training Series provide valuable information and tools to help parents and caregivers effectively communicate their values with the information young people need to make healthy decisions. Workshops include:

Conversations About Sex - Presentations and workshops available to parent groups, schools, community organizations, churches, temples, etc. Topics include:

  • Human Sexuality
  • Communicating your Values
  • Puberty & Adolescence
  • HIV/STI Update
  • Teen Pregnancy Prevention
  • Addressing Media Messages
  • Sexuality and Youth with Developmental Disabilities

GirlTalk! - A 2-hour salon for girls ages 8-12 and their moms, providing an interactive and fun educational session about puberty and menstruation.

Raising Sexually Healthy Adults - A 5 session series  for parents and caregivers that include the following topics:

  • Sexuality at a Glance
  • Anatomy and STIs
  • Teen Pregnancy and Prevention
  • Helping Teens Build Healthy Relationships
  • Values and Communication
  • Parent and Teen Communication (optional) 

The Parent/Adult Training Series hosts workshops for teachers, nurses, counselors, clergy, health human services professionals, and youth service providers. Topics include:

  • Healthy Foundations: Responding to Young Children’s Sexual Questions and Behaviors
  • Sexually Transmitted Infections and Youth
  • Adolescent Sexual Attitudes and Behavior: What Professionals and Parents Need to Know
  • Pregnancy Prevention: Methods and Myths
  • Sexuality and Youth with Developmental Disabilities

Adult Education - We provide sessions on birth control, sexually transmitted infections, healthy relationships, and sexuality to colleges, universities, and agencies that serve adults.

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