Our History

The first birth control facility in Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Mothers' Clinic, was opened in 1925 by Dr. Henry Frainerd, who envisioned a health center that would promote and provide birth control materials to women. In 1927, Mother's Clinic came under the direction of the County Health Office, and in 1939, it was deleted from the county health budget. This became the impetus for Planned Parenthood Los Angeles. Volunteers organized to establish Planned Parenthood as a non-profit and dispensed birth control and information from their homes. 

Planned Parenthood Los Angeles health centers were in the homes of volunteers until 1960, when the county again assumed partial responsibility for family planning programs.

The organization known today as Planned Parenthood Los Angeles was founded in April of 1965 to meet the growing need for reproductive health care in Los Angeles County.

In 1965, oral contraceptives were new and the first IUD was just released for general use. Abortion was illegal in California, as in the majority of states, and a minor could not receive contraceptive services without parental consent. The tools and resources needed to provide family planning services were limited and the need for them in Los Angeles continued to grow.

Today, Planned Parenthood Los Angeles offers the full range of reproductive health care services to women, men and teens throughout Los Angeles County. The county's largest provider of reproductive health care, Planned Parenthood Los Angeles operates 17 health centers and two Planned Parenthood Basics. 

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