*4/25 meet Alexis McGill Johnson in Lancaster, York or Allentown * 4/26 Jill Sobule at SOLAP in New Hope *4/29 Lobby Day in Harrisburg. Support PPKeystone! Get involved!

PPKeystone Annual Report - Read it online

In an effort to reduce printing costs and be environmentally friendly, we are publishing our Fiscal Year 2013 Annual Report online. Contact us at if you would prefer a print copy.

april is GYT - Get Yourself tested month

1 in 2 sexually active people (thatís half) will get an STD by age 25. Most donít know it. We are here to provide testing & treatment. Itís what we do. Most tests are painless & walk-in. Call 800.230.PLAN.

March 31st - Medication Abortions to 10 weeks

The Abortion Pill is safe & offers you greater privacy. It will be available at our Allentown, Harrisburg, Reading, Warminster & York centers beginning 3/31/14. Call 800.230.PLAN to schedule an appointment.

Get your pills by mail! Sign up today and receive your birth control pills by mail. Just fill out a Pill By Mail Order Form!

Do you have a story about the indignities and dangers of the pre Roe v. Wade era? We want to preserve and commemorate your story or the story of a loved one. Please fill out our ECHOES Project form and help us provide a link to the past to ensure that history does NOT repeat itself!




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