HotSpots for September 1–30, 2009

HotSpots is a summary of incidents of harassment and violence directed at Planned Parenthood affiliates, national offices, and other reproductive health care providers, produced monthly by Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Inc.

Ohio  09/29/09  A woman and her two children appeared in the parking lot of a Planned Parenthood health center. A patient reported that the woman had told her that birth control was "toxic." When staff asked the woman to leave the parking lot, she continually repeated, "I will pray for you. What you are doing here is wrong."

Iowa  09/29/09  During the evening hours of 09/29/09, a window in a Planned Parenthood health center was broken.

Florida  09/29/09  Protesters attended a public hearing regarding funding for Planned Parenthood’s Latino outreach program. The protesters vowed they would never leave Planned Parenthood alone until the funding is stopped.

Illinois  09/27/09  A Planned Parenthood staff member received a vehement anti-choice voice mail.

Colorado  09/26/09  A group of protesters positioned themselves immediately in front of the door of a Planned Parenthood health center. Police were called to have the protesters removed.

Colorado  09/23/09  A protester placed his chair and a sign over the property line at a Planned Parenthood health center. When asked to move he refused. The police were called and cited him for trespassing.

New Jersey  09/19/09  Unknown individuals entered Planned Parenthood administrative offices through a window. The offices were ransacked and items were taken.

Missouri  09/14/09  Two Planned Parenthood staff members received consecutive suspicious calls from a gentleman asking “what Planned Parenthood … does with women.” When staff responded that the call would be transferred, the individual disconnected.

Nebraska  09/14/09  Unidentified individuals broke into a building that houses a Planned Parenthood administrative office and two laptops were stolen.

Connecticut  09/11/09  A woman entered a Planned Parenthood health center, asking to make an appointment. Once inside, the woman began screaming anti-choice sentiments at staff. The woman was asked to leave. She replied, "I’m doing God's work"; but she left without further incident.

New York  09/10/09  A female protester was trespassing on the property next door to a Planned Parenthood health center. She was looking at cars in the Planned Parenthood parking lot and praying. The tenants of the building next door were informed. The protester left, but the tenants indicated if she appeared again they would call police.

Colorado  09/09/09  A male protester was seen outside a Planned Parenthood health center. The man held a poster of a dismembered fetus and told passersby, "This is what they do inside."

Florida  09/04/09  Patients complained about three people standing outside a Planned Parenthood health center handing out materials and speaking negatively about Planned Parenthood. Another patient was followed to her car by one of the male protesters as he continued to discuss Planned Parenthood, abortion, etc.

Nevada  09/04/09  Staff at a Planned Parenthood health center reported finding numerous copies of the Jehovah's Witness publication Awake in their lobby. The publication contains numerous anti-choice references.

Texas  09/02/09  A Planned Parenthood health center received a letter containing comments about the killing of the “unborn.”


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