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Our Mission, Role & Values








“To empower individuals to determine their own sexual health and reproductive futures.”



With cultural sensitivity to all communities, to provide exceptional health services, accurate information and education, and fearless advocacy for reproductive rights and justice.



Foundation Values

These values explain why the organization exists.

We believe it is the right and responsibility of every individual to make her/his own reproductive health decisions.

We believe in universal and unfettered access to confidential, respectful, high-quality reproductive healthcare for all individuals, regardless of their economic status, age, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, religion, or geographic location.

We believe it is our responsibility to ensure public health policies that promote sound, responsible sexual health.

We believe that all individuals deserve the opportunity to benefit from honest and accurate sexuality education.

Operating Values

These values establish standards and guidance for how the organization should execute its daily work.  They should permeate PPHP’s policies, decision-making, and actions taken to achieve its mission.

Leadership – We recognize the challenges presented by an ever-evolving health care environment.  We are committed to searching out new ways to be effective in achieving our mission and having the courage to initiate and follow through on these new ideas and to be the leader in marshalling the resources and support of others in doing so. 

Diversity – We are committed to promoting diversity at all levels of the organization. We value the diverse experiences and backgrounds of clients, staff, and volunteers.  We believe that differences in economic status, age, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, religion, geographic location, and life experiences are valuable resources for doing our work and strengthening our organization.

Volunteerism – We recognize the fact that we cannot achieve our mission through professional staff alone and that to accomplish our goals we rely on the good will of those who share our commitment to our mission and who lend us their time, financial support, and efforts.

Partnering –We are committed to working cooperatively with others who share our goals in order to leverage our efforts and have greater impact in our work.  We understand that we extend our organization’s reach, go beyond what our own resources would allow and work more effectively by sharing resources, information, and influence.


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