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How has Planned Parenthood helped you?

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Everyone has a story.  Share yours with us!

How has Planned Parenthood helped you?
• Provided affordable birth control for you?
• Helped when you didn’t have health insurance?
• Found an abnormality during your annual exam?
• Comforted you during a difficult time?
• Given you information that kept you healthy and safe?

Tell us your story

Sharing your experiences is an important way to let our supporters, donors, activists and our community know how our services help people, every day.

How will we use your story?

With your permission, we will use your voice and personal story to help others better understand how Planned Parenthood of the Heartland is here for you, and here for them. We might use your story in a print or online newsletter, a letter to donors, on our website, or in a video that runs in our health centers.

How to share your story

• Send us an email letting us know you want to share your story.
• Provide a phone number and time of day you might be available to chat by phone.

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