Teaching Models

Empathy Belly®

The Empathy Belly® Pregnancy Simulator lets you know what it feels like to be pregnant. It is a multi-component, weighted "garment" that will — through medically accurate simulation — enable men, women, teenage girls and boys to experience over 20 symptoms and effects of pregnancy. "The Empathy Belly"® has been proven to be a highly effective, unique and amazingly powerful teaching tool in teen pregnancy prevention and child birth education.

The photo shows the Empathy Belly with and without a smock.

Contact us at 1.800.874.2025 or to schedule an Empathy Belly® program with one of our skilled health educators.

The RealCare® Baby!

The RealCare® Baby infant simulator is a lifelike, life-size baby doll with realistic computerized responses, which allows teens to experience some of the demands of infant care. It is designed to require “tending” periodically and at random intervals throughout the day and night. This is signaled by crying. RealCare® Baby is often used by schools and other organizations to help adolescents appreciate the responsibilities involved with parenthood.

Contact us at 1.800.874.2025 or for more information.

Breast cancer detection models

Breast Cancer Detection Model

This breast model contains palpable and nonpalpable lumps that simulate easy- and hard-to-find breast tumors. Feels like actual breast tissue. Great for teaching about self-examinations. 

Testicular cancer detection models

Made from soft BIOLIKE™ synthetic tissue, these life-size models are available in two variations: one contains two lumps in one testicle and no lumps in the other, and one contains two lumps in each testicle. Is a perfect tool for teaching self-examinations.
Rental information and fees for cancer detection models:
Any applicable shipping costs and a $10 rental rate per model is required for a month's rental. Contact us at 1.800.874.2025 or for more information.

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