State of Iowa

2009 Legislative Agenda

The Iowa Planned Parenthood Affiliate League (IPPAL) legislative agenda continued the Prevention Frist efforts of prior legislative sessions. 

The family planning line item is a state commitment to fund neccesary family planning needs for low-income and uninsured women and families in Iowa.  It serves as a supplement for short-falls and gaps in coverage in Iowa's safety net services.  The fund is also smart fiscal policy for the state, which saves up to $4 on social services costs for every $1 invested in prevention. 

As always, protecting against unjust, discriminatory, and ideological legislation which puts the rights of women and families in jeopardy is a major concern during this session.

Legislation that threatens safe and legal access to abortion services, invades the privacy of patients, or interferes in the doctor-patient relationship is also targeted. 

2009 Bills of Interest

HSB 46 Domestic Abuse and Guns
Prohibiting a person who is the subject of a protective order or who has been convicted of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence in violation of federal law from possessing, transferring, or selling firearms or offensive weapons and providing a penalty.
HSB 77 Domestic Abuse and Strangulation
Enhancing the penalty for certain domestic abuse assault cases and providing a penalty.

HF 243 Gender Balance on Boards
Providing for gender balance on local boards, commissions committees, and councils.

HF 45 Medicaid Benefits after Jail
Relating to the suspension or termination of medical assistance during the period that an individual is committed to certain facilities or institutions.

HF 234 Equality in Health Care Coverage and Veterans Wellness Act
Requiring health insurance coverage for costs relating to mental health conditions, including alcohol or substance abuse treatment services.

SF 27 Human Trafficking
Increasing penalties of human trafficking offenses.

SF 5 Victim Assistance Grants
Appropriating moneys for victim assistance grants

2008 Successes

HPV vaccine coverage - Successfully passed
Requires health insurance plans managed within Iowa that cover other vaccinations cover HPV vaccines.

Family Planning Line Item
Creation of a $750,000 state investment in family planning services for low-income and uninsured individuals in Iowa. This serves to supplement short-falls and gaps in coverage for social service safety nets in Iowa.

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