Who Can Use the Birth Control Patch?

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We all want to be healthy and safe. So, we all need to consider if a medicine will be safe for us before we take it. Serious side effects of the birth control patch, though rare, may be more likely if you have certain conditions. Some of these conditions may even rule out using the patch. Talk with your health care provider to find out if the patch is likely to be safe for you.

You should not use the patch during prolonged bed rest or if you

  • are pregnant
  • get migraine headaches with aura
  • have certain inherited blood-clotting disorders
  • have had blood clots or vein inflammation
  • have had breast or liver cancer
  • have had a heart attack, stroke, or angina 
  • have had serious heart valve problems
  • have lupus with certain conditions
  • have serious liver disease
  • have uncontrolled high blood pressure
  • have very bad diabetes
  • smoke and are 35 or older
  • smoke and have high blood pressure

If you have a condition that makes it unsafe to use the patch, donít worry. There are many other methods of birth control that may be safe for you if you cannot use it. Read about other methods to find one that is right for you.

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