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Q & A with Dr. Cullins: Pregnancy

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    Is it bad to have sex with someone who is nine months pregnant? Is it bad to have sex with her just before she is due?

    It's perfectly okay for pregnant women and their partners to enjoy their sexuality during pregnancy. For some women, the hormonal shifts during pregnancy increase sexual desire. For others, the discomforts of pregnancy decrease sexual desire. But for most women, having sex during pregnancy can help reduce stress and the tensions that can build up during pregnancy.

    Most women who want to are able to enjoy sex throughout pregnancy. A pregnant women should avoid vaginal intercourse if either partner has a herpes sore or if she

    • has a high risk of miscarriage
    • has a high risk of premature labor
    • has broken her waters
    • has pain
    • believes labor has begun
    • is unable to find a comfortable position

    Additionally, a pregnant woman should abstain for sex play during the last 12 weeks of pregnancy if she has a partner who may infect her with herpes.

    Other satisfying forms of sex play can be enjoyed when a couple wants to avoid vaginal intercourse.

Published: 04.12.05 | Updated: 05.14.07

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