South Carolina Legislative Update

The South Carolina General Assembly 2013 legislative session adjourned on Thursday, June 6, 2013.  The following is a list of proposed bills that we tracked this legislative session.  Since this marks the completion of the first year of a two year cycle at the General Assembly, all bills remain active until the end of the next legislative session, which runs from January-June 2014, and do not die.  Questions?  Contact Sloane Whelan, SC Director of Public Affairs at for more information.



Bill Numbers

 Bill Description

 Bill Status


H. 3236

Contingent on full federal and state funds; permits the State Department of Health and Environmental Control to 1) offer the cervical cancer vaccination series to students enrolling in the seventh grade of any public or private school in SC and 2) develop an informational brochure related to the vaccine for each school district to distribute to parents and guardians.

Passed the House  Floor on 5/22.  Referred to Senate Medical Affairs.


H. 3435

Amends the Comprehensive Health Education Act to require that health and reproductive education is taught by a trained professional in the field and the curricula be medically accurate and age appropriate, require the state school board to provide a standard curriculum for all school districts use, and to require local school district reporting and compliance requirements.

Amended and reported out of House Education and Public Works Subcommittee on 5/28; bill awaiting hearing full comittee. 


S. 83,  S. 87

S. 83, S. 87, and H.3323 are the exact same bill as S. 83 and S.87. Establishes full legal personhood at the moment of fertilization, threatening access to legal abortion, contraception, and in vitro fertilization. 

No movement.



H. 3584S. 457

H. 3584 and S. 457 are the exact same bill and are similar to S. 87, S. 83 and H. 3323 however the language is slightly different.  They still establish full legal personhood at the moment of fertilization, threatening access to legal abortion, contraception, and in vitro fertilization. 

H. 3584:  Referred to House Committee on Judiciary; no movement.

S. 457:  Referred to Senate Committee on Judiciary.  4/29/13 assigned to Subcommittee.


S. 204

Requires all physicians who provide abortions in SC to be board certified in obstetrics and gynecology, and be the woman’s attending physician with admitting and staff privileges at a local certified hospital.

Senate Medical Affairs Subcommittee hearing held and members voted 3-2 to carry the bill over.  The means the bill has effectively died this legislative session.


S. 623

This bill bans abortion at twelve weeks post conception with the detection of a fetal heartbeat. Additionally, this bill mandates that an ultrasound must be performed before an abortion and upon completion of the ultrasound the woman must be provided written information about the ultrasound. This bill makes exceptions for rape, incest, life endangerment and medical emergencies.  

No movement.


S. 626, H. 4223

Bans abortion after 20 weeks post-conception based on the premise that a fetus can feel pain at that point; requires that biased and medically inaccurate information on fetal pain be included in informed consent information.  This bill makes exceptions for rape, incest, and medical emergencies. 

No movement.


Budget Amendment 27

Bars Planned Parenthood from receiving any state or federal funds which impacts Planned Parenthood's ability to contract with the State Medicaid program.

Amendment pulled from table; defeated.


Budget Amendment 88

1) Imposed a $10,000 fee on physicians who provide abortions; 2) allocated that money to crisis pregnancy centers throughout the state; 3) tasked with them with creating a continuing medical education; and, 4) exempted any physicians who were board certified in obstetrics and gynecology and had full admitting privileges at a local certified hospital from the fee and the class.

Amendment ruled out of order; defeated.

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