We are pleased to report that The Right to Shoes! was a fabulous success all around! 

Left to Right:  Harlotry by Talia Logan; boots designed by Katherine Devine; Cherries Jubilee by Melissa Byrd

Our decorating sessions were a popular attraction, with those of all ages gathering at the Water Heater in Old SW Roanoke to create a diverse array of shoes with materials such as metal, paint, and, of course, condoms!  We are humbled at the range of talent and thoughtfulness that artists put into the shoes they produced, and we are delighted at the excitement and awareness that resulted from this event. 

Left to Right:  Design by Talia Logan; Choices Shoe

Left to Right:  Just Wear It by Virginia Pharis - Planne Parenthood Intern; Preen and Proper by Rob Humphreys

Left to Right: For the Ladies of the Valley by Aaron Conver; Pompeii Pearl by Talia Logan


Left to Right: Peeps Shoes by Nicole Hall; Safety Dance shoes; The Key by Talia Logan


These shoes were juried, and many were auctioned to benefit our organization at a cocktail reception held at the new Mezé World Café in downtown Roanoke on March 18th.  We had a robust crowd of attendees that evening who mingled and enjoyed Mezéís incredible food while bidding on the juried shoes and learning more about Planned Parenthood in Roanoke.

Beth Deel promoting shoes                 The artists' amazing creations 
to Sally and Allen Walker                     were part of a live auction
  Displaying the Best in "Shoe",       Who will be the lucky buyer
  a design by Wendy Schuyler          to take the top shoes home?

Gretchen Weinnig and                       Wendy and JP Powell
Sarah Copenhaver                                  

Our thanks to the My Scoper girls for being the Emcees for the Evening!              

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